Sedation Dentistry in Hudson, MA

Before undergoing any dental treatment, patients commonly worry about pain or discomfort. If the thought of lengthy or uncomfortable treatment makes you anxious, then sedation dentistry can help you relax during your procedure.

Sedation dentistry involves medication to help patients feel anxiety-free and comfortable during their dental care. Furthermore, these sedatives can be administered before patients receive their dental care to ease their nerves and make them feel more at ease before getting treatment. At Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that many patients experience anxiety and stress when visiting us. That’s why our team uses various safe and relaxing sedation techniques to make your visit with us as stress-free as possible.

The Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

Some common sedatives include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Let’s look at each:

  • Nitrous oxide is a gas the patient inhales through a mask placed over the nose. The gas works quickly to ease mild to moderate anxiety and nervous tension. 
  • Oral conscious sedation does not require the use of a gas mask but instead is administered orally in the form of a pill. This pill can be taken from the comfort of your own home before receiving your dental treatment for maximum relaxation. 
  • IV sedation is a form of moderate sedation that works quickly and is injected intravenously into the patient just before their appointment begins. This allows them to be fully relaxed and at peace, during the procedure they are about to receive. 
  • Lastly, general anesthesia is used when a patient undergoes extensive or complicated procedures such as a wisdom tooth extraction. General anesthesia works almost instantly and allows patients to sleep through their recovery process.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry


Patients are often nervous before their first visit with a new dentist, especially for a more extreme procedure such as a root canal or tooth extraction. They will be much more at ease if they are calm and relaxed throughout the process, which makes the whole experience much easier for everyone involved.

Effectiveness of Procedures

Some patients have difficulty staying still during dental procedures because of past traumatic experiences or even anxiety over needing such extensive care. In these cases, they may be unable to keep their mouths open for extended periods. However, with sedation dentistry, they are fully relaxed and able to have all work done as quickly and effectively as possible.

Improved Health

With sedation dentistry, the patient can have dental work completed more regularly. This allows them to maintain their oral health and prevent minor issues from developing into major ones. This also helps prevent the need for more expensive and extensive procedures in the future.

Our Sedation Dentistry Services

  • Nitrous Oxide Analgesia
  • Oral Conscious Sedation
  • IV Sedation/General Anesthesia

While you may think dental procedures are painful, with sedation dentistry, many treatments can be completed with little to no discomfort. Visit Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry at 2 Coolidge St Suite 202, Hudson, MA 01749, or call (508) 658-0661 for the best dental care.

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