Porcelain Bridges in Hudson, MA

Porcelain Bridges in Hudson, MA

A porcelain bridge is a dental restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge is fabricated by a professional dental laboratory based on a mold of your mouth sent by a dental office. After the bridge is placed, it looks and functions like your natural teeth. 

Porcelain, the material the bridge is made of, is a very durable and robust material that mimics the appearance of your natural tooth enamel, so no one can tell that the bridge is composed of artificial teeth. They are made to be the same color as your surrounding teeth for a seamless look.

Bridges are made to act and look like your own teeth; this means you can perform the same activities with your new bridge as you would with your natural teeth! 

Brushing and flossing daily to prevent gum disease and other oral health problems is essential, even for your bridges. It would help if you also visited our dentist at Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry twice a year so that they can clean and examine your smile to ensure everything looks normal and healthy. This will also help to prevent any cavities or signs of gum disease from developing. 

The Benefits of Porcelain Bridges


Porcelain is a much whiter and more aesthetically pleasing material than metal. It is a translucent material that can reflect light like natural teeth do, so it does not look fake or artificial in the mouth. This aesthetic benefit is particularly desirable when used to replace front teeth.


The porcelain used in bridge work is also very durable. Porcelain does not corrode and is resistant to staining from foods and beverages. However, it may be prone to chipping or other damage if subjected to excessive force. Otherwise, it can last many years without showing any wear and tear.


Bridges are durable enough to support your bite's full function, allowing you to eat and speak normally without worrying about your restoration becoming loose or falling out. This can be particularly important for patients who have lost teeth in the front of the mouth because those teeth are crucial for biting and chewing food.

The Procedure for Porcelain Bridges

Your dentist will numb the area before preparing the tooth for a crown-and-bridge procedure. Next, your abutment teeth will be prepared to receive the anchoring crowns. These teeth are filed down to make room for the crowns. A temporary bridge will be made to protect your teeth and fill the gap while you wait for your permanent bridge to be made. At the next visit, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and check the fit and look of the permanent bridge before cementing it in place. Once the dentist is satisfied with the fit of your bridge, it will be permanently cemented into place.


A bridge is a fixed restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth in a row. To learn more about porcelain bridges, contact Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry at 2 Coolidge St, Suite 202, Hudson, MA 01749, or call (508) 658-0661.


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