Laser Frenectomy in Hudson, MA

Laser Frenectomy in Hudson, MA

A laser frenectomy is a quick and comfortable procedure to alleviate discomfort caused by excess lingual frenum, also known as tongue-tie. The lingual frenum is a string-like muscle under the tongue that connects the bottom of the mouth to the gum tissues above. Sometimes, this tissue can extend too far past the mouth and cause problems like speech impediments or difficulty in breastfeeding. 

At Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry, our oral surgeon performs a laser frenectomy by using a small laser to essentially “cut” the excess lingual frenum away from the gum line, releasing the tongue from its tethered position in the mouth. This procedure can be performed on children as young as six months old, and many babies experience immediate relief from their feeding difficulties following the process. Patients generally require no sedation for this procedure, and recovery usually takes just a few days.

Who Would Need a Laser Frenectomy?

This treatment may not be ideal for all patients, but for someone with a tongue tie, which is when the connective tissue under the tongue is too short, a laser frenectomy could be beneficial. To learn more, speak with our dentist who can examine you or your child and determine if either or both of you need laser frenectomy.

Our dentist may recommend a laser treatment if they feel it will help improve your oral health. Speak with them about your concerns and determine if this treatment suits your dental health needs.

The Benefits of Laser Frenectomy

  • Treatment with a laser results in quicker recovery times.
  • The laser removes the need for anesthesia.
  • Infection risk is reduced because no surgical knife cuts are done.
  • Lasers promote healing through bio-regeneration.
  • When it cuts, the laser closes blood vessels, reducing bleeding.
  • While the operation takes only a few minutes, it is not a distressing experience for the child.
  • Nothing needs to be stitched up after the surgery.
  • It strengthens the child's capacity to nurse.


If you want to learn more about laser frenectomies, contact Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry at 2 Coolidge St Suite 202, Hudson, MA 01749, or call (508) 658-0661. Our dentist will answer your questions and help determine if this procedure is correct.

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