Habit Breaker Appliance in Hudson, MA

Habit Breaker Appliance in Hudson, MA

It is typical for children to have poor oral hygiene. Thumb sucking, nail biting, lip biting, tongue pushing, mouth breathing, and other such habits all contribute to this. Separate appliances have been devised and sold to control such routines. They are referred to as habit-breaking appliances. These appliances could be either detachable or fixed. We at Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry commonly utilize a fixed habit-breaking appliance for tongue thrusting or thumb sucking because the most effective and successful appliances are not contingent on a child following instructions for wearing it. We will leave it in place for roughly a year to ensure that the habit is completely broken.

What Are the Bad Habits?

Nail-biting is dangerous since the pressure applied by biting can cause teeth to splinter and jaws to suffer. One of the most harmful bad habits is bruxism, the involuntary grinding one's teeth while sleeping. This is concerning because it causes teeth chipping, breaking, or fracturing. It also causes tension in the upper and lower jaws due to the pressure applied.

Sucking the fingers, tongue, or teeth causes short-term or long-term detrimental effects. This is "natural" up to a certain age; but if it continues, it is cause for concern because it affects the typical shape of the teeth and jaws, preventing the child from chewing normally.

Pressing the teeth with the tongue is another activity that might be regarded as "natural" while the child is young. And this habit typically fades away. But if it does not, it should be avoided. It can lead the child to develop an open bite, interfering with proper growth.

What Habits Do Habit-Breaking Appliances Break?

The primary function of habit-breaking appliances is to prevent toddlers from sucking their thumbs. Nonetheless, some individuals have habit-breaking gadgets implanted to avoid thrusting their tongues. Aside from changing negative habits like tongue-thrusting and thumb-sucking, habit-breaking appliances also keep people from putting their teeth in unusual and unnatural positions that can lead to an open bite, an overbite, or protruding teeth. Other oral appliances can help keep teeth from aligning incorrectly. You can avoid braces by employing a habit-breaking appliance for a child who sucks their thumb after gaining permanent teeth.

The Advantages of Habit-breaking Appliances

  • To begin with, habit appliances are less intrusive.
  • Second, they are a quick and effective way to correct a child's negative habits.
  • Third, they assist your child in gaining control of and stopping certain extremely damaging routines.
  • Fourth, these devices reduce the likelihood of malocclusion and other oral development difficulties in children.
  • Finally, they do not irritate or injure a child's mouth.


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