Dental Trauma in Hudson, MA

Dental Trauma in Hudson, MA

A tooth knocked out, chipped, broken, or cracked is considered a dental trauma. Any damage to the teeth and surrounding gum tissue should be treated as an emergency by a dentist as quickly as possible to prevent complications. At Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry, we are pleased to offer emergency appointments to needy patients. 

While a completely knocked-out tooth can be put back into place if the dentist can get to it quickly enough, this is not always the case with other types of dental trauma. In these cases, the damaged tooth will need to be extracted so that there is no risk of infection and further damage. If you require a tooth extraction due to dental trauma, we will do everything possible to make the process as comfortable and painless as possible. 

The Causes of Dental Trauma

Many things can cause dental trauma, from sports injuries to falls. People of all ages can experience a dental accident or injury that requires immediate care. You must call our dentist immediately if you experience any sharp pain in your mouth or have damaged a tooth. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more likely your tooth could be lost due to infection and other problems!

If you suspect that you have suffered a dental injury, please call our emergency dentist as soon as possible. It is critical to have a dentist examine your mouth and determine the root cause of your pain. Sometimes, a broken tooth can be repaired with a dental crown, while the tooth may need to be extracted in other cases. Your dentist will likely recommend taking a pain reliever and applying a cold compress to the affected area. Oral surgery may be necessary in some extreme cases.

Treatment Options for Dental Trauma

Most commonly, teeth that have been knocked out are reimplanted, while those that cannot be saved are replaced by a restoration like a dental implant. If a tooth has been partially dislodged or fractured, our dentist will often splint it to the healthy teeth on either side to keep it stable and prevent further damage. 

Suppose the damage is too extensive for a filling but is not severe enough to require a dental crown. In that case, we will suggest a composite bonding made of composite resin material designed to match a patient’s natural teeth. A dental crown may also be a solution if the damage to the tooth is significant or the patient desires a more natural-looking restoration.

You should seek immediate care if you experience excessive facial swelling, bleeding, difficulty breathing, or a severely impacted tooth. Visit Restoration Smiles: Adult & Pediatric Dentistry at 2 Coolidge St, Suite 202, Hudson, MA 01749, or call (508) 658-0661. You may also need emergency care if your jaw has been fractured due to an impact or if the mouth's soft tissues have been damaged.

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